By thethirstykat

With my mind taking me to the movie, ‘27 Dresses’, I am currently a three time bridesmaid but yet a bride; but this does not reflect on my knowledge of how to put on the most wonderful wedding day. From attending weddings from as far as Austria and Thailand to as local as my small home town in country Victoria; I think the best way to celebrate your big day is to ‘do it your way’. Mister Mixer small batch cocktails are all about working with you to make this happen in just the way you want.

Mister Mixer makes it possible for you to greet your guests with your favourite cocktail at the reception, with seven great small batch blends to choose from! These cocktails can be served to suit perfectly with your theme for your day, from rustic jam jars or beautiful share jugs.


Mix up traditional cocktails with the use of different garnishes; these can even match the theme of your bouquet or table settings.

 Pop up bars and a team of service staff are available from Mister Mixer; along with the full service system who will make the cocktail service so simple on the day. Pop Up Bars are stream line and will complement the look of your wedding, from garden party to rustic chic themed.   

 Mister Mixer’s small batch cocktails are the perfect addition to your wedding and event plans, according to Weddings and Events of Australia (WEOA). This was confirmed with Mister Mixer accepting the WEOA 2014 Best New Concept of the Year Award at a Melbourne Gala Dinner in late November.