There’s no doubt that Aussies know how to have a good time and Australia Day celebrations are no exception. This year, we’ve got the added bonus of it being on a Friday. Hellooooo long weekend! On the flip side, we’ll surely be missing the hottest 100 countdown. But never fear, here are our top tips to make sure your BBQ is a hit. Add the following to your preparation list:

1) Sunscreen
I know, I sound like your mum nagging you about sun safety but get your bikini and sunscreen ready because Australia day is shaping up to be a hot and humid scorcher!

Here’s a sneak peak of the weather:

Melbourne – 35C

Sydney – 30C

Brisbane – 31C

Adelaide – 40C

Perth – 28C

Hobart – 27C

2) Don’t have a pool? Get a blow up one!
It’s not truly an Australia Day celebration unless there’s some sort of water involved. Beaches, Rivers, Pools, we're not fussy. 

3) Lots of ice
Speaking of water, make sure you’ve got your ice sorted. No one likes food poisoning or warm drinks.

 4) Drinks
Make sure you’ve got all the classics – beer, a Mister Mixer cocktail keg, water and soft drink for the sensible people. We reckon our Green Apple Mojito 5L keg will be a hit on a hot day.

5) Aeroguard
As day turns to night, watch out for those pesky Mozzies. Stock up on the mosquito coils,
Aeroguardaeroguard and citronella because we all know how persistent they can be!

6)  Fruit
Who doesn’t love a fruit platter? Break out the summer fruits which can also double as a cocktail garnish. After all, it’s healthy, if there’s fruit in it, right?

7)  Snags or prawns
‘Chuck another ____ on the barbie!’ Perhaps one of Australia’s most contested sayings. We’ll leave this one up to you.

8)  Music
Get the hottest 100 countdown started early with your own top picks before the official ones are announced Saturday. No Australia Day party is complete without an epic playlist. This Spotify playlist will get you started.