Ah, the silly season. It is well and truly upon us. Social functions, work parties, catch-ups with old friends, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and of course New Year's Eve – it’s all happening! We reckon we know what you’re thinking, cocktails are expensive, they require a lot of ingredients (and some talent) to make a good one and they are time-consuming! The last thing you probably want to be doing is mixing cocktails for old Grandma Shirl at Christmas lunch.

Well, stress less, because we have a solution for you that’s going to make life easy (and make you look like the best family member/colleague/host ever)!

Introducing our ready-to-go cocktails. There’s one for every occasion:

End of year catch up with the girls – Classic Cosmo

Made famous with Sex and the City this sweet (but tart) combo makes for the perfect cocktail to drink with the girls. Pair with some Manolo Blahniks and that jumpsuit your boyfriend hates. Cut up some lime wedges and some strawberries and the girls will never know you didn’t make this classic from scratch.

classic cosmo


Work function – Miami Iced Tea

We know work functions and end of year Christmas parties can be an absolute drag. Liven things up a bit with our take on the long island ice tea. Introducing our Miami Iced Tea, a crowd pleaser that’s bound to put even the HR manager in a good mood. Spruce things up with some peach slices and mint.


Wedding –  Green apple mojito

Most people have holidays during the silly season so why not get married during this time? Sparkling, wine and beer…. Yawn! Kick the reception off on the right note with our favourite green apple mojitos. Here’s some Pinterest inspo for good measure:

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

New Years Eve –  Passionfruit Caprioska

Fun, fruit and the colour of fireworks! Okay, we’ve made a big leap there, but still, who would pass up this delicious blend of vodka and passionfruit juice? As the countdown starts to midnight, our passionfruit caprioska will be there to reign in the new year with you. They say how you spend your New Years Eve will be how you spend the next year, so why not do it drinking something delicious?



Christmas Day – Classic Sangria

Vibrant red to match the big man in the suit! Our classic Sangria is the ultimate summer shared drink. Chop up some fresh fruit and serve in a carafe on the Christmas table.


You can pick up your keg of our cocktails through Dan Murphy’s or on our website.


Happy Silly Season!

Mister Mixer